The future is our history to make....

The future is our history to make....

On the 31st July we announced our rebel rally call of support #ForTheLoveOfScotland and this call we are proud to say does indeed weave the love of many around the world together to support many aspects of this countries future history.... and ensure that every supporter has something truly remarkable and symbolic of their generosity.

The National Trust for Scotland has always served to protect and preserve the land, buildings and culture of the mighty wee nation.  Sadly like many around the world, there is a crisis, one that leaves no one untouched.  When we read about their Save Our Scotland campaign, to help raise funds to support their charity through the current CV-19 crisis, we knew we have to help somehow.

Our story also has been one of protect and preserve, all be it just a few years old, we chose not that long ago to put our whole being into one of Scotland's icons, tartan.  A fabric design of integrity, a fabric that said you stood for something no matter what.  It too was an industry and a cultural craft that was declining, and needed to be saved.

With this special collaboration, there will only ever be 2020 metres woven to mark the year 2020.  Where we want to share the gift of #HertiageInYourHands with every supporter, because in 200 years they will say this person made history!  We created one special design that has two colourways, representing the past and the future, remembering that we are always the present.

Every single penny of profit is being donated to The National Trust for Scotland, something we feel so proud of.  When all 2020 metres are sold that will be a donation total of £100,000! which would be just incredible.  We also recognise that this project not only supports the NTS but its a lifeline project for us too at the mill.  By producing all of the cloth at the mill, this preserves and protects even more jobs, allowing our full team to return to work with a sense of pride.  But it does not end their, every supporter will have protected hundreds of jobs but they will have ensured this vital skilled craft for Scotland lives on in the Scottish Highlands.

I would love everyone to think about how they can truly make history every day with every action they take.  What historical story would you like your descendants to read?  Because the future is our history to make together....


Everyone's support for this project is so humbly received by both NTS, the rebel team at the mill and me, Clare.  We cannot thank you enough for sharing your love for Scotland with us.

My future history promise to you all, is to #PayItForward always,

Clare x

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  • Yolande

    Very proud of you Clare and the entire Prickly Thistle Team!

    You are such a perfect example of putting yourself, your voice, your beliefs, your integrity and your patriotism up front where and when it truly matters, accepting challenge when needed most. I admire you so much xx

    Wishing huge success on this campaign and in hopes you will be justly acknowledged for it all over the world! I am so happy to help as much as I can and spread the word.

    Scotland is privileged to have “Rebels” who adore their Homeland as you all do. You will be remembered in 200 years!


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