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Prickly Thistle

Our four pillars of purpose

It Real

By being real ourselves


inside boundaries of paradox

Activism &

using our voices & hands for change


defined by what we are not

Our Trusted Transparent Suppliers

Why we believe transparency is key?

As a business operating in one of the most polluting industries on this planet, for us it is imperative to know everything about our suppliers. We make sure all of them are in alignment with our values and signatories to our Code of Conduct. We've nurtured personal relationships with each of them and Clare makes sure to visit them all when she can. They know what we are about, and vice versa.

Reviving our country's domestic textile industry is a core mission of ours, we did not quite appreciate how much of it disappeared until we started our mill. If it exists in Scotland, we're going there first to see how we can support them. Collaboration and community is key so we support those operating against all odds in such a challenging globalised landscape. That is why we are proud to say we are...

'Made in Scotland'

You want to know what you are funding, buying goods is not just about what you get....

This page exists to prove we won't just talk about transparency we show it. We have thought about what you would want to know to feel reassured that you're genuinely wearing your values when buying from us, because let's face it you are helping fund this chain.  You quite rightly want to know if its a good one or not, and the only way to do that is by giving the details about them.

A lot of them are small businesses like us, you will see that not everyone is measurable on exactly the same basis. We are proud to share with you the wonderful teams you are supporting when you buy from us.


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The Bad-Ass Story of our Existence

Where did it all begin, the why then, the why now and the future of why not?

Officially A Rebel Member Of

Officially A Rebel Member Of