Where We Source From

We follow a simple sourcing promise for everything that we use to create our product collections.  Firstly, we look to see if we can find a partner in Scotland, not only is that maintaining the integrity of our Scottish identity but also allows us to work with a local supply chain.  Being local, we can visit them, we can gain trust in that they champion the same ethical values as us and of course reduce the carbon cost of 'material mileage' that supply chains have driven to an unsustainable level, it is scary when you realise how many miles some finished products have travelled.

Sadly as we cannot source everything we need to create our products, or indeed we cannot manufacture everything in-house that we need.  We follow the same responsible sourcing principles, and always try to stay as close to Scotland as we can.  But we know we can do more, and as we navigate the passage of time and grow our presence, we actively work behind the scenes to regenerate lost skills and lost industries in Scotland that once created the things we value.  Of course this time round, the planet and people must come first, and new forms of industry are necessary to change consumer behaviours.  We must simply stop creating so much waste, therefore recovery, re-use, recycle and repurpose are at the forefront of our minds always on this chapter of our journey.

Please enjoy discovering more on the map below about us and our suppliers, partners, friends, allies and like minded souls that we are proud to support and work with!

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