14 Inspired uses of our black steel thistle insignia....

14 Inspired uses of our black steel thistle insignia....

We are forever inspired by you our loyal rebel family!  So when we reached out to ask everyone what would you use our insignia's for they shared some amazing ideas.

We are huge fans of repurpose, reuse and recycle, so we say if you can do all 14!

1. A Christmas decoration
2. Decorative hardware e.g. for front door handsets, deadbolt locks, address numbers, exterior lights, mail slot covers, central motif in stained glass piece, door/window handle charms, door knocker, ceiling fan pull, dinner bell ringer, on door wreath
3. A wind-chime or other hanging mobile
4. As a key-chain fob
5. A shawl or kilt pin, or decorative to shawl loop
6. Part of a necklace or other jewellery
7. Adjust to be a buckle for belt or a closure on a skirt
8. A Bookmark e.g. end of a bookmark
9. Coasters
10. Hanging decoration for on your car mirror
11. Decoration for picture frame, or framed as artwork or even wall decor
12. A stencil, for painting or even dusting a coffee or cake
13. Lamp or decorative light fixture, or for light pull cord
14. A bottle opener (which we will have to try....)

Do let us know how you get on with your rebellious uses of our Black Steel Thistle Insignia's, we would love to see pictures of all of these!

Clare x

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  • Alex Meenaghan

    I could use nos.1-9+12&14; if they existed. Such is the power of a motif!

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