Swing & Swap Nights

Swing & Swap Nights

Swing those hangers and swap your clothes with others! 

You can bring along up to 10 fresh, undamaged items of clothing for swapping with others.  For convenience you can drop off these items at the store up to one week before the event.  This will give us time to get them all ready for display on the night.  If you can take hangers with you also that would be amazing, we will have lots of rail space!

All items will be given a swap ticket for you to use to select other items and swap away!  All items under £50 (original price) get one ticket, and all those over £50 (original price) get three tickets.  On the night we will have rails lined up so you can see what can be swapped for either one ticket or three tickets.  Super simple, no payments required, just a fun swap!    

We will have drinks and nibbles on the evening to keep those energy levels up!  All we ask if for a £15 entry fee, with 50% of that being donated to Mikey's Line, a local mental health charity.

The swing & swap nights for 2024 run from 7-9pm and the dates available are listed below.


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