Made with "Care"

Made with "Care"

Have you ever clicked to read more about the clothing you might buy online?

I always do, and it surprises me what I often find.  But I was not always like that, I never looked at anything other than "size" and price.  Now these are the last things I look at, are you the same?

But back to this blog, I recently came across this phrase "made with care in China" and I thought what does this even mean?  No mention of the makers of the garments and where they are based in China?  But was the word care enough for me.... no, was this marketing emotion and greenwashing.... yes.

So what has been the most unusual phrases you have seen?  Have you looked deeper into the details of your favourite ethical brands maybe?  The reason I ask is we are not throwing shade at fast fashion only here, we are pointing fingers at the big shots too – the top-tier designers, even those waving the 'ethical' banner. 

At Prickly, we're here to stir the pot a bit as you know, when it is clearly sticking to the arse of the pan....  We believe in keeping things real and staying as close to the source for everything.  If only we could see more and more makers, producers and retailers share more about their source, not just add the word "care" or "ethically sourced", why not say exactly where it comes from?

But before we wrap up, maybe one to think about is the notion of 'Made in China.' We absolutely get it, China is a powerhouse of production and has been growing for decades in all forms which is not a bad thing, a country trying to build a stable economy is so important to protecting all people and the planet.  But let's not kid ourselves – it's also a hotbed for ethical concerns, from labour practices to environmental impact. So when that tag proudly declares 'Made with Care in China,' maybe it's time to question the definition of 'care' and definitely question the brand who is selling the product?

So bad-ass womxn, the next time you see that 'Made with Care in China' line, think twice.  E-mail the company and ask them to share more and if truly made with care they should be more than proud to give you everything!  (Like they have on their website....)

What will she say in 200 years.... she used her voice!

Love Clare and the team x

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