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Lovely, cosy and warm

My Banner scarf has a wonderful colour. Like rays of sunshine in cold cloudy days. The weaving is excellent and the material keeps me warm. It was a nice moment when I opened my parcel and found such a lovely scarf in it.

25% Deposit Batch 3/2023X - Hoodie

I knew it would be soft, but I didn't expect it to be so silky soft. It was well worth the wait, I absolutely love it! If I could change one Minto thing with it, it would be the hood. I feel like it's way too big. If the material was folded a 1/2 inch into itself around the edges, then sewn it would sit perfectly 🥰 This is likely only my issue, though, because I have a small head, hahaha.
The fit is perfect! They ask for your measurements so that it will fit custom to you.
If you're debating buying this hoodie or whichever style you're looking at, trust me, it is worth the price and wait time. I plan to buy a kilt in the future. I'm not a dressor skirt person, but their kilt for women looks like a blanket of cozy, and if it's like the hoodie I just got, it will be just as amazing. ❤️

PRE-ORDER Climate Stripes Fabric
Martina Hofmann (Cologne, DE)
Best fabric ever touched

The climate stripes fabric is nothing which can be compared with any fabric being produced
and sold from a mass-production.
Touching it, you feel the freedom and smell of the Scottish Highlands❣️
Tha e a' cur na Gaidhealtachd an cuimhne mo chridhe ❣️❣️❣️

Very Important Rebel (VIR) Membership
Ruth Kroon (Anchorage, US)
Absolutely in love with quality and amazing softness!

Proud to support an amazing team that produces such quality pieces. My kilt, scarf and hat, have been keeping me warm with style during this Alaskan winter.

A glorious garment that makes you feel good

I’m of a stern belief that clothing is not only to shield one from the elements, but also to boost the wearers confidence and mood furthermore serving as a medium for self expression. This kilt does exactly that for me and I take great joy in wearing it. The quality of the fabric is immaculate, the garment construction shows great care to detail and it shows the passion that went into bringing the kilt to this world. Proudly own and wear this one, will definitely expand my collection further!

Mill Tour
Andrea Bouma (Prosser, US)
Awesome company

I've been sharing with everyone I can how cool this brand is. The fabrics are ultra high quality, designs gorgeous, and most importantly the company has a soul. Clare and her team are moving mountains to improve the supply chain of textiles to be natural fibers and have built a community around it.

Jumper X Dress X Limited Edition X Black Elements
Cynthia Robichaux (Lexington, US)
Fan from Kentucky, USA

I love and respect everything about you. Your quality, your mission, your humanity and environmentalism. I only wish I were closer so I could come visit. I discovered you from the program with Miriam and Allan, Lost in Scotland. Love the dress, the mix of traditional and modern. I’ll need some winter pants now. Thank you for changing our world. Cheers to the great Oscar Wild♥️

The WildRobe

This coat is absolutely stunning. Having visited these amazing women in June I had coveted this coat. I'm so happy to have this coat and to support this business.

25% Deposit Batch 3/2023X - Hoodie
Stacey Mclelland (Tain, GB)

What can I say! Beautiful product, wool is lovely and soft, beautifully presented with coat hanger and cute tote bag as an extra surprise. Did run a wee bit smaller than expecting so I am planning to have someone measure me rather than DIY next time. Customer service were beyond lovely. Thank you team Prickly x

Very Important Rebel (VIR) Membership
Beverley Young (Brisbane, AU)
VIR Membership

A great way to save for beautiful Prickly Pieces. Benefits of previews and generous added savings from Prickly too.

25% Deposit Batch 3/2023X - Coat - Straight Arm
Christine Giannetti (Warwick, US)

I knew I would be visiting Prickly Thistle while we were in Scotland on honeymoon. The difficult decision was...what do I get. The coat is amazing. Color is very me. The whole experience was fun and brings a smile to my face whenever I reminisce. And I might has scared the DHL driver for life when it was delivered 🤷‍♀️❤️

25% Deposit Batch 3/2023X - Tee
Hannah Shoffner (Florence, US)
Feels great

Fabric is soft and fits great. The team was super helpful finding correct measurements to get the fit I wanted.

The colors and construction is amazing. I can’t wait to order more items.

25% Deposit Batch 3/2023X - Coat - Straight Arm
Mary Lindekens (Jumet, BE)

When I received my coat I loved it even more than I had expected. The touch of the fabric is fabulous and every time you put it on it looks a bit different because of its versatility. It’s just wonderful. I also love the style of the pocket. Even the packaging is high class. I love all the little extra useful things in the box. And thanks for the personalised help with my measurements, given I am a wee lass. Highly recommend!

Slender Scarf X POP Thistle
christine bernstock (Rehoboth Beach, US)

It is awesome! The customer service was excellent and the scarf is just brilliant. The packaging was A+ and the warmth and softness is off the charts!!! Cannot wait to wear it!! And will definitely be making future purchases from Prickely Thistle!!!

Belt - "The One"
Beverley Young (Brisbane, AU)
A great belt

I love the one belt it is very comfy looks great with jeans.

LAST Highland Woolly Hats
Sarah Wright (Roanoke, US)
My new favorite hat

I absolutely love my Highland Woolly Hat! The merino wool is high quality, very soft, and well made. I am so excited to wear it with my scarf (you know that one made by prickly thistle but sold by our favorite outlander hunk) anyway the reds coordinate perfectly and I am just thrilled. Thank you for the hard work and love that goes into every piece you all make, the superior quality shows!

I am a rebel when I have my Prickly on!!

Let me first start out by saying, I love this shirt! The shirt is great alone or layered with other things in my closet and pairs nicely with jeans or a pair of shorts. I will be rewearing it forever! The weight of the wool fabric is light enough to wear in the spring down here in the south (USA). It’s not my first Prickly item and it certainly will not be my last. I’m so happy with my purchase! Thanks Prickly Thistle!!

LAST Highland Woolly Hats
Beth Maus (Minneapolis, US)

I have never had a hat of such quality, glorious! I cannot wait for the next Minnesota winter to try it out! Thanks for standing tall and proud Prickly Thistle, your brand is an inspiration!

LAST Coorie Cloud Slender Scarf
Customer (Richmond, US)
Love this scarf!

I bought this as a gift for my mom and she loves it! Thanks for letting me poke around in the store for a while before I decided on items to purchase! :)

Mill Tour
Gobnait Holtz (Munich, DE)
Highly recommend this tour

We booked a tour while on a trip to Scotland last month. We had a fascinating tour. It was not only interesting, but heartwarming to see a firm dedicated to the motto „People and planet before profit“ and truly interested in making a difference in the community. We got to see every part of the manufacturing process from yarn to finished garments. We take so much for granted and it was a real eye-opener seeing how much work goes into a tartan weave before an inch of material comes off the loom. We were able to see everything up close and ask as many questions as we wanted. It was a real pleasure to meet Clare and the team. Highly recommend.

Amazing product from am amazing company! Thank-you Team Prickly Thistle - I not only love my top - but my cedar wood hanger and gallus bag too 😜😜😜

Neck Warmer
Mel (Adelaide, AU)
A small piece of wonderfulness

Wearing something made with such care and intention is a privilege. Add that it also looks great, goes with everything, keeps my neck warm and is easy to throw in my bag in case the weather gets cool, and I couldn’t be happier.

Tee X Limited Edition X Silver Water
Jennifer Williams (Stretford, GB)
Just beautiful!

I’ve been following Prickly Thistle for a while and finally decided to treat myself, when my top arrived it was so much more than I expected. The quality is beautiful, it looks great on and feels wonderful. So much so, I bought one for my friend for her birthday!!