Ethical Spending in a Crisis: Taking Back Community Power

Ethical Spending in a Crisis: Taking Back Community Power - Prickly Thistle

So, a prickly topic - buying something with the intention of reducing harm whilst the product itself, and the company selling it, have been negatively impacting the welfare of other people and the planet… doesn’t add up. It is replacing one harm with another.  Sounds similar to the plastic facemask problem.

We wanted to share some thoughts around this and when we see this happen, how do we not cause harm with good intentions.

When you you find yourself in that situation, you want to help!  We would always say think about supporting small businesses who offer ethical products/services. Chances are, if they’ve already been doing right by people and planet before this crisis situation, then their endeavours to donate to humanitarian aid like Ukraine, Afghanistan and the sadly many others unfairly enduring war, are likely to be more genuine. Or if you do not really need a new product… then we can all donate directly to the charitable organisations that are helping people like here and here.

We like to think that one of the best ways we can make long-lasting positive change is by helping distribute wealth more equally and fairly amongst people. This way we can help build more balanced societies - instead of relying on the massively wealthy companies to make the right decisions when sadly the money trail always emboldens them not to. Exploitation is profitable- CEOs of certain companies regularly benefit from human discomfort and dispirited societies, so lets break the rules and say eh no this is not happening anymore, we are on to you....

If we support independent businesses where we can, it creates space in the economy for more to flourish in a fairer inclusive way. What comes with more small businesses, is more jobs for people where they’re treated like human beings instead of employee numbers – giving people a voice and more agency in life. Communities with thriving independent businesses are more nourished emotionally and financially – making them better equipped to unite, persevere and alleviate in times of hardship.

Our money is powerful enough to defund and descale massive corporations. Key words = small, local and independent.  


Clare and the team


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