Payment Plans

At Prickly Thistle we genuinely and truly care about excessive consumption and affordability.  We stand by our #buylesslovemore sentiment and hope to spread via all our communications channels, some inspiration to show how we can all find more fulfilment in the #buylesslovemore movement.    

For affordability, we have learned since day one of our little mill adventure in the Scottish Highlands, that in order to create fabrics based on our values, ethics and environmental responsibility you cannot do this 'cheap'.  The compromises are just too great, and has sadly lead us to many of the problems the planet and its people face today.  So we have adopted the good old fashioned way of saving and depositing a little for your next investment in a fabric that will last several lifetimes.  Or you might even look at what you spend over a year on cheaper items that you do not wear at least 30 times.  You take this value and think if I bought less and loved more, could I #wearmyvalues after all?

Our solution is a fully flexible payment plan you can be in full control of, or our simple 2 or 3 month lay away.  


This is an interest free, full flexible payment plan program.  To use this program, you can click on the purchase with partial-ly button below the checkout button in your basket.  All that require to do is create an account with partial-ly and you can full customise how you wish to pay for your piece or pieces of Prickly Thistle.

You can choose what type of deposit you might wish to pay first, starting with as low as a 10% deposit to reserve your item.  You can also select how long you wish for this plan to run for, starting from 1 to 6 intervals.  You can then tailor the frequency between these intervals, with a choice from 1 to 30 days.

Finally you enter your card details, confirm you have read the payment plan terms and enter your name.  When you payment plan is completed we will despatch your reserved item(s) within 48 hours, sending their pieces of Prickly to their new home with you!


If you would rather not sign up to partial-ly then no problem.  We have our own super simple payment plan that is also interest free, designed to make our products more accessible to our customers.  We want to ensure that we do not encourage irresponsible buying of goods, so by splitting the cost of your order into either two or three affordable chunks we hope that allows you to invest in products and brands that you love!

Just shop as normal on our online store, choose your products and select "Lay Away - Instalment - Plan" as the payment method. We will get in touch with you as soon as your order is confirmed.  First of all we will put your order on reserve to make sure it has got your name on it and then guaranteed not to go out of stock.  Then we will contact you via your order email address to ask you if you wish to pay over 2 or 3 months.  Once you have confirmed your preferences we will send you payment links via e-mail every month until your order has been paid in full.  When all payments have cleared, your order will be shipped in a flash as per our normal shipping policy.

Please note if you wish to order a subscription at the same time, for example, VIR Membership or MOI Subscription, your full payment will be taken at the point of order.  We advise that you place subscription orders seperately. 

You will have 14 days from the point of order to confirm your payment frequency, if not confirmed your order will be cancelled and the reserved items returned to stock.

If at any point before the final payment has been made on your order you wish to cancel, then please do email us on 

For cancelled orders using the payment plan we will charge a small £5 administration fee for each payment processed and ensure the remaining balance is returned to you via the card you made the payments with.