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Anti-Landfill Label Initiative

As part of popping our tents back up for the summer 2022 series of Blank Canvas Events, we wondered what else we could do knowing that we have a few waste transfer stations around us in our Industrial estate.  We thought we need to do something to reduce that amount of clothes going to landfill, so lets just do that.  Some of the problems we want to resolve:

  1. Charities are overwhelmed with tonnes and tonnes of clothes, they cannot process it all and a large portion is actually being shipped overseas
  2. People just don’t know where to put clothes if their friends or family don’t need them
  3. There are people who even find that shopping in a charity shop is out with their budget, food comes first
  4. As 60% + of all clothes are made from petrochemical materials, they don’t naturally decompose, they are essentially plastic bags, we want to stop the building of slick mountains in these poor countries, it’s just not right!

    Solution - we make a FREE clothes hub for people to come to any weekend (Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm) and they can help themselves.  We will sort clothes by fabric type, we will have checked for damaged items and ensure these are set-aside for repairs.

    So how it works is;

    1. Anyone is welcome to drop off any clothes Monday to Friday 10am-4pm at our mill

    2. We will direct you to our Anti-Landfill Label drop off point, we hope to have a little shed for this so keep an eye out as you arrive

    3. Please ensure the items are washed, and if you have any hangers then you can leave them too as they are handy for us to display everything

    4. We sort the clothes by material and hang in our purpose-led pop-up bell tent

    5. Anyone can come to the mill any weekend between 10am-4pm and help themselves

     Let’s give this a go, and if we can save plastic clothes from being sent to landfill that’s a win for the planet.  If we can help ensure people have access to free clothes when they need it, then that’s a win for people! 

    During April 2022 - we will be collecting and sorting anything people want to save from landfill

    During May 2022 - the come and help yourself tent will be open every weekend


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