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3 Years On, We are not turning back!

Memory Lane


Home to a Fabric Rebellion....

Rules are made to be broken, let now be the time to disrupt the future of fabrics and fashion one tartan at a time! Join us....

Changing the future, Disrupting the past....

What will they say in 200 years....

Ancient Art

All of our collections are a work of art

Thread By Thread

Weaving passion and values into every piece of cloth

Legacy Looms

Built to last centuries, rare and unique


The cloth that tells a story, handed down to generations, the true legacy

Rebel Diaries

What do people say about us

Everything I have received from your wonderful mill has been of excellent quality and you never disappoint

The other day I was wearing my Prickly Thistle large scarf on the streets of Washington DC when a woman recognised it and stopped me

It's impressive to see them all together like this!  It's hard to decide which one to keep! Thank you!!!