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Gifting a Piece of Prickly

Surprise the special rebel in your life with a voucher for the most rebellious mill in Scotland!

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A rebel, someone who never gives up on integrity, no matter the fight....

Changing the future, Disrupting the past....

Home to a truly regenerative Fabric Rebellion....

Rules are made to be broken, let now be the time to disrupt the future of fabrics and fashion one tartan at a time! Join us....

Mill Products with Real Purpose

This is why we exist, to create products with purpose. Protecting sacred skills and using natural fibres only to ensure the fabric of the planet remains in one piece, one tartan at a time. With every Prickly Thistle product you safeguard, you are making a positive and stylish statement today. But also making a real difference for the future. What are you waiting for, time to change the future with us....

we can help you find your piece of prickly

We Make Less with More Love

Artisan Out of Stock Batches

What will they say in 200 years....

Ancient Art

All of our collections are a work of art

Thread By Thread

Weaving passion and values into every piece of cloth

Legacy Looms

Built to last centuries, rare and unique


The cloth that tells a story, handed down to generations, the true legacy

Rebel Diaries