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Repeal It

Officially launched 1st July 2021, you can read all about the act of repeal we wish to inspire, the why, the how, with what and more.  

You can absolutely show your support for our repeal it movement by sharing this page as far and wide as you can.  If you follow us on social media, get sharing, retweeting, reposting, because believe it or not us everyday people are the most impactful influencers ever! 

Yes we acknowledge we do need to sell products to exist, but we exist not just to sell products.... a rebel promise!

The longer we exist, the harder we will fight to Repeal It.

The louder our voice becomes to end environmental destruction, end modern slavery and end the mental health pressures that come directly from the fashion and fabric world to be 'good enough' when you only look like someone else....

Love Clare and the team x