A change of mentality: The greatest Xmas gift of all this year…

A change of mentality: The greatest Xmas gift of all this year… - Prickly Thistle

For a day that is rooted in spending quality time, like so many things, capitalism has made us go bonkers to spend lots of money on a lack of quality instead. Christmas has become consumerism crazy, where it seems like how many presents are under the tree is more important than… what is actually there. Through TV and social media, we’ve been shown images of living rooms bustling with presents and folk swimming in wrapping paper (which is not recyclable agh!) and over the years this has had a profound effect on our collective mentality… we’ve been lead to believe that 1 present just isn’t enough. To be perceived as having things in abundance is better, despite the common knowledge that our over-buying is killing us.

Think of the value of giving someone a gift that hasn’t destroyed the planet they live in. Especially to children, they may not understand it now but they will be forever grateful to receive something which hasn’t had a negative impact on their future.

Investing our time and energy should be seen to be just as valuable as money - perhaps by making/baking/cooking something. It’s important to invest our minds too by thinking about who we’re gifting to… what do they need? Is there something practical/logistical in their life that could be contributed towards, such as an educational course… or even grocery shopping or their electricity & gas costs! It may not seem very ‘festive’, but this kind of support could make a huge difference which is what this time of year is all about. Don’t be afraid to ask someone what they truly need, and challenge anybody looking down on this approach to Christmas by kindly asking them why they think that way.

Because we can guarantee that EVERYONE needs a healthy natural environment filled with healthy people. There’s no chance of a happy Christmas on a dead planet.


Clare and the Team


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