Social Platforms - No Ethics, No Go!

Social Platforms - No Ethics, No Go! - Prickly Thistle

Have you been following the goings on over at Twitter and Facebook lately, in particular the way they are treating their people, their workforce?  Should this be allowed in these times, and how is it still these platform owners are prospering from such bad ethics?

Last week at Twitter around 3,500 were effectively 'sacked', by email, on a 3 month severance pay offering. Abrupt and apathetic and already it seems that several of these people were fired "by mistake". We ask how can you fire someone by mistake?   

This week Facebook are reportedly preparing to cut thousands of jobs after £69bn was wiped off its market value last month allegedly due to the global downturn. Read all about it HERE  maybe they heard Prickly Thistle left all of these platforms last month.... yes its true we rebelled, you can read all about it HERE.  

Then we were reading about the flop that is Metaverse where fewer than half the 500,000 that they projected to join have joined and those that sign up often only visit the Metaverse once to never return.  Even Facebook staff aren't joining, that says something right.... It has also been plagued by problems, such as avatars without bodies to female users complaining of sexually aggressive behavior from the male users to the extent of one woman being 'virtually raped'!  No ethics, now means no go which is exactly what we all need.

We at Prickly are so relieved to have removed ourselves from these platforms, whether in reality or virtually - these actions are now proving to be harmful to all.

Check out our updated Ethical Resume for all of these new qualifications to being that bad-ass ethical clothing maker for womxn!

What will SHE say in 200 years....

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  • Lisa

    I support moving from social media, in concept. I would admit that my own experience has been mixed, and having played in the multiverse, I don’t quite get the concept (so what, its fun but I don’t get it – too many screaming children whose parents shouldn’t have purchased the overly expensive tech for Christmas). But I do worry about a business like this surviving with out some sort of presence. Its one thing to speak to your current customers, but capturing new ones? What is the plan?

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