The Freedom of Individualism

The Freedom of Individualism - Prickly Thistle

What or who dictates what you wear and how you wear it?  This is a question we asked ourselves and still ask daily....

We at Prickly truly hope that your answer to this question is YOU, because we have to confess at times we felt compelled to dress a certain way for others.  Inevitably the world changes and so we do, now we are fully embracing the freedom of individualism!

Now its never been clearer to us that we decide how to live in a free world but how many of our choices are dictated by media and peer pressure? How often do you buy new clothing from the new 'Season' because that's what everyone else is wearing or this is latest trend prediction.  We always say start with what is in your wardrobe, no matter what anyone says its not our of season - its clothes not a banana....  Only buy what you need, and try your best to find out how ethical it is, the word alone is never enough.  Actions speak louder than words as they say.

Celebrate our uniqueness and our individualism and become comfortable with choosing what we love, like and is fun to wear whilst being kind to ourselves and the planet.  Who knew clothing was so complex really....

What we like to do know is remember the fun of 'dressing up' as a child? You would become whoever you wanted to be, by throwing some clothes on, in whatever way you wanted to and always using your own imagination. Swishing around, feeling fabulous and having no hang ups on being different. How often do you do this nowadays? It can be done, we can play with our clothes, mix them up, wear a skirt as a cape, try your jacket upside down - do you know you can do exactly this with Prickly clothes? 

Stand up and celebrate your Individual Uniqueness, try not to 'follow the crowd' life is to short and hey do you really listen to people that try to tell you how to live your life? No we thought not! Be brave, be bold, have fun with your clothes. Pop over to our styling videos to see how you can play with our clothes and make them individual to you

What will SHE say in 200 years....

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