You Can't Polish a Turd?

You Can't Polish a Turd?

I have to say I love this phrase, and all credit goes to Howie Nicolsby who reminded me of it last year!  But how true is it, you literally cannot polish a turd and make it shiny....
I felt inspired to share more about this phrase and a plastic dress that I own, bought many many years ago.  I still have it in my wardrobe but now I know the tricks of the turd polishing trade... and I do see this dress very differently.
The traits I missed were two major ones, the fabric composition on the label and based on the price tag, how little the maker was no doubt paid to make it.  

Regardless of the seemingly sophisticated names for polyester, acrylic, polyamide and various other fabric marvels that might leave you scratching your head, there's a common thread literally running through them - and its plastic/oil.  These materials, designed to sound appealing with terms like "acrylic wool," will not contain any wool at all. Shockingly, there's no legal obligation for companies to be entirely truthful about the content of their garments, allowing them to play fast and loose with their labels.  So what is the point of a label you might ask?  Read more to see how we counter act this "polishing" trick.
Ever tried looking up a synonym for polyester? Google will promptly present you with "plastic."  So how do you go about polishing plastic? The answer, despite being super shiny to start with, is you can't make anything precious from plastic.  So the question is, when will this unfiltered truth find its way onto labels?  Watch this space....
Contrastingly to all of this, take a moment to inspect Prickly garments, and you'll notice something strikingly absent – labels. Why? Because we don't need them! Our fabrics are proudly 100% natural wool, and that's a definitive statement. No embellishments, no hidden surprises, just pure, natural wool polished to natural perfection. There's certainly no involvement of turds in our process – just something to ponder.  
So, the next time you're considering what adorns your wardrobe and you, think beyond the labels and consider the unvarnished truth. Our commitment to 100% natural fibres is more than just a statement; it's a testament to transparency and a conscious choice. Because when it comes to clothing, you deserve authenticity, not a polished turd, learn the tricks of the polishing trade and walk on by (trigger song....)....

What will SHE say in 200 years.... that was sh#te....

Love Clare and the team x

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