Meet the Tartan Rebel Team

Because we take ourselves so seriously.... 
We thought we would have some fun with profiling the team of tartan rebels here at Prickly Thistle.
Can you guess who is who?
With more to come....
Hint hint
This rebel gives an impression of being a bit slower,
but he is like lightening on his feet....
Hint hint
She has a fun and cheeky personality,
and just loves being part of a family!
Hint hint
This rebel would love to flitter in between the
heathers and flowers, having a wee snooze
then making sweet treats!
Hint hint
She said honest she is a beaver, creative, practical
and well-organised, and we totally agree!
Hint hint
This rebel definitely has the physical strength in our pack,
but at the same time he is a big softie!
Hint hint
She loves spending a little bit of time on her own,
but loves a wee social chit chat learning from others
Hint hint
This rebel likes to play, always a little curious as to what
is going on elsewhere and loves a bit of mischief!
Hint hint
She loves the long respected history of the Scottish wolf,
an animal of independent beauty!
Hint hint
This rebel is fascinated by the cow!  How they know what
they want and will not budge at times until
they are good and ready....
Hint hint
A lover of night time and hates an early morning, she
can be quite wise but also a bit of a twit-too!
Hint hint
A lover of the heat, can sometimes not eat for months,
carries as much as it can and her father was offered
1000 camels for her as a child due to having white hair....