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Why a Sh#t Free Social Rebellion?

Right now the mental health of every single person is so important.  There is so much going on in the world and we all know about it through the exploding world of digital communications, but is it time to leave that park?

Our analogy is like this....

You are at the park where there is this really cool singer busking away and you love it, a small crowd gathers, everyone can hear and see them.  Everyone has plenty of space to move around, sit down and dance.  You make new friends, you share stories, you share food, you share your seat, you are with familiar faces, friends now, and everyone is smiling at each other.

But then....

The crowd becomes thousands in numbers, all of these new acts appear, more speakers and audio kit are installed to make it louder, you can no longer find your friends in the sea of faces.  The media have arrived in mass, but they are not covering the artists, they would rather talk about the misunderstandings.  Now to go to the park you have to pay a premium to the 'event' manager, you don't get to tip the busker, you don't know what they are getting paid now, is this even what they wanted or did a 'manager' tell them now they must focus on being famous, because its all about the numbers.  People are desperate to get to the front, the crowd pushes in.  You know if you leave for a few minutes you will never find that spot you loved ever again....  

So what to do?

You are sad and tired now, you think if you leave you might miss something so if you stay longer and longer you might see that busker again.

Or, do you leave the park!

We are leaving the park, because everything we loved about why we were there in the first place has gone.  We are a bit nervous that we might not ever find it again, but why stay?

What happens next?

As we leave the over crowded park, walk around the corner looking a bit lost, someone recognises you and says hey are you looking for that busker?  They then say if you head over that way you will find them, the busker hated what it had become and left.  Its only a little park, it can only take so many people, we smile, walk in and we see our friends again and enjoy the music....

That's it really for us with social media platforms, we are both the busker and someone from the audience, we are going to another park to love what we do again and share it with those who love it too.

Everyone thinks we are bonkers to ditch the social scroll platforms, we hear many say "wait, how will people hear about you?`"  We believe in and will always value people over algorithms.  With the ultimate power of word of mouth we hope you will be like that person on the corner of the street, let them know where we are playing....

Our Take Time to be a Real Rebel Movement is HERE

We would still LOVE to be connected with you but for now we are opting out of the full on crazy world of social streaming channels and that FOMO thing....

We are taking time out so that we hope you TAKE TIME out too.  By connecting in a REAL way, a less crowded way, we should be able to give that time back, unplug from the scroll, disconnect and go to the little park to dance to the music!

Favourite Four Ways

From the 14th October we will only use our four favourite ways to dance with you, which of course kick-ass kilts are perfect for....

1. Emails, create a social account with us and decided how often you would like to receive an email from us.

2. WhatsApp, share your mobile number you use on WhatsApp and we will share a max of 3 or 4 broadcasts per week with you.  Like BTS films, latest adventure or project updates, our favourite stories, etc  You can opt in or out for both the broadcasts and emails anytime once you have created an account with us.

3. Website, we will now spend more time on writing lots of new blogs for you to send us comments on.  These blogs sometimes will have films or links to articles and discoveries we think are awesome too!

4. IN PERSON, the most important one!!!! We want to put more energy into in person meet ups, be that at our mill or every future pop-up we take part in.

You can read more about our Anti-Social Media Policy HERE

To create a sh#t free social account, you can register HERE

Or if you already have an account and want to update your social prefs then click HERE


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Officially A Rebel Member Of

Officially A Rebel Member Of